Yubikey for secure authentication in Webapplications and Linux

I have a subscription to the dutch Linux Magazine.  They send me a welcome-present which was a Yubikey.  A Yubikey?  I had never heard of it and I left the Yubikey for several months at rest.  Some time later I had to do something with secure authentication and remembered that I had that Yubikey-thing.  I started to read some information about it and tried it on my WordPress site.  It was amazingly easy, lots of software is available and authentication using the YubiCloud is easy and free when you already own a Yubikey.  If you’re not so lucky owning one you can buy one for about 20 euro’s.

I figured out how to install it on several applications and learned about the basic concepts.  Read my multipage article and learn more about some background information and installation in WordPress, Roundcube and Linux.  Even tough installation is easy, I experienced that there can be some software issues using the community software.

Read it here.

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