Hi There!

Working with software for a long, long time, searching the net for information is a daily business for me.  How to get that freaky piece of hardware working in Linux, how to configure my system to use encryption the way I want and is there a workaround for that annoying problem?

Although there is so much of detailed information on the Internet, I experienced that lots of configuration details are hard to find.  Especially when you’re trying to work with open source software like Linux on the desktop. Besides of open, platform independent, software, my other interest is about security.  I like to add security to prevent my privacy and other information. This is both personal and business related.  My challenge is to build a nice blog to satisfy the need for this ‘hard to find’ information. Sometimes about Linux, sometimes security related and maybe I will write about something totally different some time.

Writing this early may 2012, I hope Google (or whatever search engine) will guide you to this site to please you with nice articles, manuals and other information.

Maarten Mastbroek
4 may 2012