Dualboot encrypted Windows and Ubuntu

Lots of people and company’s have laptops these days.  Because of their mobility and power it’s attractive to carry computers with you to the office or friends and have your personal workspace with you.  Maybe you have business related stuff or just very personal data on it and don’t won’t anyone else to find it.  Encryption software is developed because of the need to keep information to yourself, protect your privacy or share it only with trusted parties.  When your laptop is stolen or taken by an untrusted party your data is safe, depending on the strength of your passphrase.  Disk encryption works fine and doesn’t need to much explanation.  But things changes when you want more then one encrypted operating system on your laptop.

This article gives some background information about system encryption and guides you with an extensive guide.  There are some theoretical aspects before I start to describe how to install both Windows and Ubuntu with encryption enabled and dualboot capabilities.  So let’s start with the basics first.


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